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Welcome to Ringgold Class!


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Picture 1 Sophie MIhailovic - Class Teacher
Picture 2 Lynne Wearing - Teaching Assistant

Faith Ringgold was the youngest of three children. She was born on October 8, 1930 in New York City. Because her mother was a fashion designer and father an avid storyteller, Ringgold was exposed to creativity from an early age. , Ringgold’s future artwork was greatly affected by the people, poetry, and music she experienced in her childhood While travelling abroad in Paris, Florence, and Rome, Ringgold visited many museums, including the Louvre. This museum in particular inspired her future series of quilt paintings known as the French Collection. Ringold also travelled to West Africa in 1976 and 1977. These two trips would later have a profound influence on her mask making, doll painting and sculptures.

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Children will be given a list of Spellings every Monday which need to be learnt for the following Monday.

In addition they will have to complete a piece of work, one week based on Maths and the following on Reading Comprehension.

In addition children will take home a sheet with “KIRFs” ( Key Instant Recall Facts) every Half Term.

Reading is also very important. We encourage children to read with an adult as often as possible. We will be sending home a new book on a weekly basis. Please sign the reading record when you read with your child/children.




We have a shared library which has many interesting books. Children are encouraged to use it.





Physical Education takes place twice a week. It is very important that PE kits are kept in school at all times. Please mark each item clearly – that includes plimsolls, as it can quite difficult for your child to find them when they are all changing at once.


School Trips

We have three school trips a year, one each term.


More information about what your child is learning in school can be found on the curriculum map