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Art at Parkside will:
 Foster the child’s creativity at an early stage through manipulation of different
materials and tools, exploring in a playful and non-judgemental way. The children
will then control and master these skills using familiar media (pencil, paint and
collage) to design and create their own pieces of artwork. The children will be
encouraged to challenge, deepen and be adventurous with their developing
 Provide each child with a ‘creative journey’ sketchbook for them to record their
thoughts, experimentation and designs. This will develop their critical thinking
allowing the children to evaluate their skills. The sketchbooks will be passed on
each year enabling them to take ownership and celebrate their ‘art skill progress’.
 Provide the opportunity for the children to study the work of artists/designers from
both Britain and around the world so the children can be exposed to different
cultures, techniques and themes. Artists’ work will always be used to ignite and
influence the children’s personal creativity. Each class in the school is named
after an artist to enhance this.