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Cooking Classes

This year we have had cooking lessons for every child from Year 1 to Year 6. They have all learnt new skills and had fun at the same time.

Some quotes from our budding chefs:


" I love cooking, I want to do it every day!"                                       Year 1child

"This is yummy, so exciting  I am going to tell my mummy"!            Year 1 child

"I want to make the tomato soup at home!"                                      Year 2 child

" A claw is when your nails are pointing down."                                Year 2 child

" Cooking if fun, I can use a grater safely!"                                       Year 3 child 

" I found it a bit tricky as I don't cook at home."                                Year 3 child

" I never tried that before, now I think I'll have it again."                          Year 4 child

" I thought this would be boring, but I have changed my mind."              Year 4 child

" I have now cooked some recipes at home."                                          Year 5 child

" I would have not tried certain foods before, I like them now."               Year 5 child

" I really enjoyed cooking with my friends."                                             Year 6 child

" I was really fun and the food was delicious."                                        Year 6 child


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Royal Academy of Culinary Arts


Our children have prepared delicious fruit salads under the supervision of chef Idris Caldora from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.

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