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Entertaining Enterprise Crime Scene Challenge

On June 30th children came to school to find out that a mysterious snatcher had broken into the kitchen, where he or she stole many bars of chocolate. Clues were left behind, our children had to turn detectives to analyse the evidence to solve the crime. It was a day about problem solving and team work.

 "We had to think very hard to solve the problem!" Year 3

"While we were solving the crime we were working well in a team by sharing our ideas and listening to each other." Year 4

" We all stayed positive today, we didn't give up looking at the evidence until we were sure of the suspect!" Year 5

" We used teamwork and problem-solving today- it was hard to find answers on your own but it was much easier when we all tried together." Year 5

" It was really interesting because we all thought the same at first but as the day went on we had different ideas. It was fun having debates about the evidence and deciding whose argument was the most convincing!"

" Today has been great because it's a chance from a normal school day and it is interesting to see what a detective work is like."


These are some the quotes from our enthusiastic children