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Welcome to Hurley Class!


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Karen Hurley is an artist and graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand who strives to create simple, innovative and effective designs. She enjoys printing but also has a fascination with buttons. Hurley recognises their creative potential due to their range of sizes and varied colours. She has constructed some incredibly charming creations by crowding buttons of all shapes and sizes and mixing all different tones together. Hurley started with small projects such as rainbows and gradually learnt the way the buttons could be manipulated to form a pixel art. She uses the creation of button art work as a form of relaxation.


Reading books-

The children will follow the ‘Accelerated Reader Programme’ and will take a book home from the classroom library.


Maths KIRFs-

These will be related to year group expectations.

There will be one KIRF sheet every half term.


Spelling words – These will be related to year group expectations. They will be given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday. 


Spelling homework books-

This will support the children with learning their spelling words. Following on from the spelling rule taught in class, the children will be expected to write sentences containing the spelling words. This will be marked in class on a Monday.






We have a shared library which has many interesting books. Children are encouraged to use it.





Physical Education takes place twice a week. It is very important that PE kits are kept in school at all times. Please mark each item clearly – that includes plimsolls as it can quite difficult for your child to find them when they are all changing at once.


School Trips


We have three school trips a year, one each term.


More information about what your child is learning in school can be found on the curriculum map