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Jason Panda is a Canadian artist whose work is about connections. He is passionate about belonging, collaboration and connection in art. In his work he uses a medley of traditional & digital media to focus on the texture of the space and the story hidden in the shadows. Miss Franklin loves the shapes and tessellations in Jason Panda’s art, and is very impressed that he makes his own tessellations every Tuesday and posts them online for everyone to be inspired by. His tessellations, whether created on paper or digitally, are all original designs and results of art, math's and a great deal of play.

Children will be given a list of Spellings every Monday which need to be learnt for the following Monday.

Reading is also very important. We encourage children to read with an adult as often as possible. Please sign the reading record when you read with your child/children.


Please see the home procedures for your children's year group. 

We have an exciting bus library with many interesting books. Children will visit once a week and will be encouraged to borrow books.
Physical Education takes place twice a week. It is very important that PE kits are kept in school at all times. Please mark each item clearly – that includes plimsolls, as it can quite difficult for your child to find them when they are all changing at once.
More information about what your child is learning in school can be found on the curriculum map