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Celebration Assembly 5.3.21

Our final YouTube Celebration Assembly before the rest of our fabulous children return to school on Monday! Hosted by Mr Smith and Ms Warriner.

History Mystery 2 with Ms Sainsbury - 1.3.2021

Celebration Assembly 26.2.21

Mr Smith and Ms Warriner host our Friday Celebration Assembly this week!

Reading Stories: Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch

Ms Den Bak reads the story Thomas' Snowsuit Author: Robert Munsch Illustrator: Michael MartchenkoPublisher: Annick Press

Storytime: Festival of the Snow Moon 22.2.2021

Join the author of the book in listening to the story

A walk around the Edible Playground 23.2.2021

Mr Harness would like all children to design a sign for each year group.

A dance routine with Jo 12.2.2021

Jo and the Year 6 children are showing a dance routine

Celebration Assembly 12.2.2021

Enjoy our Celebration Assembly hosted by Mr Smith and Miss Warrinor

Picture quiz, the answers! 12.2.2021

Here are the answers to Ms Dunn's picture quiz

Giraffe on a Bicycle read by Mr Smith 11.2.2021

Enjoy the story read for you by Mr Smith

The Battle of the Bands Results 10.2.2021

Join Miss Tuzzeo to find out who the winners are

Mrs Kent reads a poem about the month of February 9.2.2021

Mrs Kents braves the weather to read a poem in the snow

Picture quiz. 9.2.2021

Ms Dunn invites you to a picture quiz around the school

How to make a snowflake with Mr Neave 8.2.2021

Reading Stories: Ravi's Roar by Tom Percival 8.2.2021

Ravi's RoarAuthor/Illustrator: Tom PercivalPublisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Ms Pearce is giving PE suggestions to do at home 8.2.2021

Ms Pearce is giving some PE suggestions. She would love to see your photos and videos.

Reading stories: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers 3.2.2021

Miss Luckie reads the story Lost and Found.Author: Oliver Jeffers

Mrs Millan's Blueberry Sponge Cake 3.2.2021

Why not try making Mrs Millan's Blueberry Sponge cake this weekend? A healthy snack for the whole family! Have fun and enjoy!

The History Mystery Solved! 1.2.2021

Mrs Ooi reminds us this is Children's Mental Health Week 1.2.2021.

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and we will be thinking about all the creative ways that we can express ourselves and our feelings. You can watch ...

Great Fire of London Collage Art Lesson 1.2.2021

01.02.21 - Year 2 at Parkside Primary School have been learning all about the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666. This week they will be creating a c...

Reading Stories: Bloom by Anne Booth 31.1.2021

Ms Den Bak reads the story Bloom Author: Anne Booth Illustrator: Robyn Wilson-Owen Publisher: Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd.

Coca Cola and Mentos Experiment 29.1.2021

Please only do this outside!

Celebration Assembly 29.1.2021

Welcome to our Friday Celebration Assembly

Sinking and Floating Experiment with Mr Lovesey 28.1.2021

Hello Parkside. Join Mr Lovesey with a Science experiment about sinking and floating. You can try this at home. See you all soon, stay safe!

How to make a bird feeder and the RSPB Bird Watch with Mrs Millan 28.1.2021

Hello Parkside! Join Mrs Millan, our Science co-ordinator, in making a bird feeder for our feathered friends this winter! Check your Google Classroom for mor...

Kick Ups With Mr Carroll 23.1.2021

Mr Carroll is keeping fit with the kick ups challenge. Do you think you can do better than him?

Celebration Assembly 22.1.21

Welcome to our Friday 22.1.21 Celebration Assembly hosted by Mr Smith and Mrs Cousins

Crossbar Challenge 21.1.2021

Mr Carroll takes the crossbar challenge. Will he be successful and with which ball? What's your prediction?

Parkside - 20.1.21

A message from all of us

TTRS Battle of the Bands - 19.01.21

Find out when you can take part in the Battle of the Bands on TTRS.

Ms Sainsbury's History Mystery

15/01/21: Our Celebration Assembly hosted by Mrs Cousins and Mr Smith

Our weekly celebration assembly for you to enjoy!

The London Eye Mystery (Ms. Sainsbury)