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School Council

Welcome to Parkside's School Council!


School Council is a group of children elected to represent the views of pupils across the school from Reception to Year 6.


Aim of School Council

Our aim is to improve Parkside Primary School by working on having the voice of Parkside pupils heard. We want every pupil at Parkside to always have a smile on their face!


What do we do?

School Council members meet every week to discuss any problems children might be experiencing and how these can be resolved.  We are always working hard to make sure everyone at Parkside is enjoying their break-times and lunchtimes.


Our successes

School Council have joined up with the ‘Team London’ volunteering project. We had a visit from one of their ambassadors who helped us plan our first volunteering campaign.






Our first campaign was to help our local community by donating food to our local food bank. We asked the whole school to help us with this and what an amazing response we had!


Our next campaign was to help the environment. After discussing the different ways we could do this with our classes, we decided two actions: reducing food waste and saving energy. Every class will have environment monitors that are responsible for saving energy in their classroom and recycling.


We have spoken to our lovely kitchen staff to help us improve this issue by giving less food to the younger ones so they eat the amount they have in their plate. Also we have a few halal children in reception so we have given them blue coloured wrist bands to show that they are halal.

In addition, our school has got new recycle bins to make the food wastage into compost. 


Coming soon


We will shortly be which global campaign we want to help with. We will be asking our classes which global causes mean the most to them and for ways to fundraise. 


Some children in the school have commented on the playground and would it like it to be improved. We are speaking to classes about what they would like on their playground to make their break and lunchtimes more enjoyable. We will let you know more information soon. 




Our successes last year (2014/15)


This year, School Council have focused on making sure break-times and lunchtimes are in enjoyable for everyone. We have:


  • Worked with Ms Brett and Ms Pearce to make sure all classes know about the different Playground zones and they have a map in their class that shows what zone is where.
  • Worked with Ms Brett and Ms Pearce to make sure children know about the different games played in each zone and the competitions that are going on during Lunchtime.
  • Made sure School Council members are checking that everyone is using the Playground zones correctly.


In addition to this, we raised money for media equipment for the school by organising Wonderful Wednesday during the Autumn term.

We wanted Golden Time to be improved, so Miss Cousins, our Head teacher, bought each class a new set of different board games to help with team building and friendship making.


School Council also noticed that not all children were enjoying lunchtimes. So our Head teacher agreed to create a 'Playground Pal' role. They look out for children who don't have someone to play with and find them a friend.


We started our 'Silver Table' reward system every Friday to help further improve behaviour at lunchtime.