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Home-schooling? Get ready to learn first aid 
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Get ready to learn first aid


We're delighted to bring you details of our brand new learning website, First aid champions, to help give you some fresh ideas for home-schooling. What could be more empowering than learning a new life-saving skill during lockdown?
You might think you need training to be in a classroom or even access to special equipment to learn first aid. Great news! Everything you need is within First aid champions. Children can learn through our engaging films, photos and online quizzes.
We’ve designed a specific pathway for home-learning for primary aged children to help guide you and parents through the site. Alternatively, pick and choose from a variety of activities to suit your individual needs.
Follow the stories of six relatable characters who will help children learn new first aid skills from burns to bleeds. There are also ideas on kindness and safety, and we encourage everyone to share their learning with others to create resilient communities. 


Coronavirus resources

Don’t forget we have a whole host of coronavirus teaching resources on our website. Each one explores and promotes the value of kindness. Children and young people can practise kindness every day using our kindness calendar.

First aid champions was originally due to go live this summer but we have made it available earlier to help schools and parents during the coronavirus crisis. First aid education is being included in the RSE and Health curriculum for schools in England from September 2020. Some schools are currently taking part in a pilot to provide valuable feedback to the site. If you’d like to know more about the resource please email