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08.50 – 12.00

08.45 – 12.00

12.00 – 13.05

12.30 – 13.35

13.05 – 15.20

13.35 – 15.25

Nursery 08.40 – 11.40   12.30 – 15.30


The bell is rung at 8.45 am for Key stage 2 children and 8.50am for Reception and Key Stage 1 children. They line up before being taken straight to class by their teachers to begin the learning day immediately. In order to encourage some independence and not to compromise security parents are asked not come into school with their child.


A teacher is on duty in the playground daily from 8.40 am in the KS2 playground and 8.45am in the infant and reception playgrounds.  Children should not be arriving before that time.


There is a morning playtime of 15 minutes for all children and a break of 15 minutes in the afternoon for the KS1. There is an Assembly every day. This includes an act of worship and teaching on personal, social, moral and religious education, reflecting the community and the ethos of the School. Allowing for registration, playtime and Assembly, approximately 21 hours per week are spent on learning for the Infants, and 23.25 hours for the juniors.


It is essential that children arrive on time as late arrival is unsettling, disruptive and reduces learning time.  Our Attendance and Welfare Officer closely monitors attendance and punctuality. In extreme cases of late collection of children we will contact Social Services.


We expect all Infant children to be brought to school and collected by a responsible adult over the age of 16.  Please make sure that you fill in and return the form, which tells us your arrangements for your child and always let us know of changes.  This is for the safety of your child.


If you are delayed, please telephone before the end of the day and let us know so that we can reassure your child.