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Vision and Values Statement

The vision for the school is


Our Mission Statement

As a partnership of Children, Parents, Staff, Governors and the wider Community, we aim to:-

  • Promote equality of opportunity for all pupils and staff
  • Ensure that everyone will experience an inclusive education where discrimination on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, gender or disability is actively challenged, and tolerance & understanding promoted
  • Meet children’s individual and collective needs
  • Provide a stimulating, secure and nurturing environment
  • Promote an ethos that is highly motivating and encourages all to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Provide an environment where we feel secure, valued, respected and understood
  • Encourage all to have a positive self-image, high self-esteem and increasing confidence
  • Provide an environment which encourages active learning, investigation, creativity and challenge
  • Value and celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures and beliefs in our community
  • Celebrate achievement, attainment and progress in all areas of development
  • Display high standards of good manners and politeness at all times
  • Encourage all to have a sense of responsibility for themselves, for each other and for their environment



Our values

Our school curriculum is underpinned by the values that we hold dear at Parkside. The curriculum is the means by which the school achieves its objectives of educating children in the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need in order to lead fulfilling lives. The children at Parkside Primary School are 'Proud to Shine'.

Our school is in full agreement with the values  statement included in the introduction to the National Curriculum Handbook for primary school teachers in England and goes beyond that - Parkside Style!

These are the main values of our school, upon which we have based our curriculum.

  • We value the way in which all children are unique, and our curriculum promotes respect for the views of each individual child, as well as for people of all cultures.
  • We value the spiritual and moral development of each person, as well as their intellectual and physical growth.
  • We value the importance of each person in our community. We organise our curriculum so that we promote co-operation and understanding between all members of our community.
  • We value the rights enjoyed by each person in our society. We respect each child in our school for who they area, and we treat them with fairness and honesty.
  • We value the success of each person in Parkside and we provide equal opportunities for all the children in our school.
  • We value our environment, and we aim, through our curriculum, to teach respect for our world, and how we should care for it (for future generations, as well as our own).
  • We value each curriculum area for itself and for the opportunity it gives for our children to shine in different areas of learning.