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Design & Technology (DT)

                                                 Design Technology     

                      Design and Technology (DT) at Parkside will:

  • Develop the children’s understanding of how technology has helped in the past, present and how it will change for us in the future.
  • Provide opportunities for children to explore past and present designers/​influencers and how their inventions/products have revolutionised the everyday life we live in.
  • Allow the children to pose questions and solve problems both on an individual and group basis.
  • Provide the children with the opportunity to design a product from different materials (be it wood, textiles or food), make a product and then evaluate the effectiveness. In all cases the children will be shown how to use the specific tools correctly and safely. 


When leaving Parkside all of the children will be able to use the collaborative and problem-solving skills developed in DT to help them in everyday life.

Parkside's DT Policy