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At Parkside Primary School, our Literacy curriculum is engaging and immersive with high quality children’s literature at its heart. We want our pupils to enjoy and appreciate literacy and its rich variety and we aim to achieve this by exposing our pupils to a range of text types and genres celebrating a variety of cultures and values. We believe that being literate and being able to successfully communicate orally are fundamental life skills and should be held with the highest importance.


Our Literacy curriculum is designed to advance reading, writing and oracy skills simultaneously by developing our pupil’s ability to speak fluently, encouraging our pupils to read for pleasure and providing opportunities for our pupils to write for a variety of purposes.


It is our aim to embed a love for reading in every pupil enabling them to become confident, independent and lifelong readers. To promote our love for reading, we recently renovated a London double decker bus to provide our pupils with a wonderful, inspiring space where they can enjoy browsing and reading a range of texts. Our pupils are always excited for their library day!

Our Literacy Curriculum

Parkside's Spelling Policy

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