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Our Admissions Policy follows London Borough of Waltham Forest guidelines.


Application to the Nursery should be made directly to the school. Please be aware that a child’s place in the Nursery does not guarantee them a place in Reception.


Admission to all other year groups is through Pupil Admissions at the London Borough of Waltham Forest.


Please contact Pupil Admission to find out more. See link below:


Admissions to the Nursery Classes
Parkside Primary School has a 60 place Nursery with children attending part time (morning or afternoon). We also offer 30 hour provision alongside Parkside Pre-School which
is located on the same site.
Parents can apply for a Nursery place any time after their child’s second birthday. Prospective parents will need to contact the school office for the appropriate Nursery application form which needs to be completed and returned together with the child’s birth
Children can be admitted to the Nursery in the month after their third birthday if there
are places.
Parents should note that admission to the school’s Nursery does not in any way
guarantee a place in the main school.
In-year admissions
This is the term used when a child is looking for a school place during the academic year.
Children transferring from other schools must apply to the Local Authority for a school
place using the Waltham Forest Portal at – apply for a school
place. Visits for parents/carers and children are arranged prior to admission.
Admissions to Reception Classes
Admissions to the Reception classes are managed by the Local Authority’s Education
Application packs can be downloaded from, during the term before admission is due. Families should apply via the eAdmissions website
Children join Waltham Forest schools in September if their fifth birthday falls between
st September and 31st August in the designated academic year.
If demand for a school place is higher than the number of places available, all applications will be considered on an equal basis within the categories:
 Children in public care
 Children with statements of special educational needs.
 Exceptional medical or psychological grounds
 Children with siblings already in the school
 Children living closest to the school.
Once a place has been allocated, at Parkside Primary School, a member of our Early
Years Foundation Stage will contact you regarding your child’s induction into the main
Induction into the Early Years Foundation Stage
We offer the following induction to children new to the Early Years Foundation Stage:-
 A Home Visit. We feel that it is important that the first contact that your child has
with the members of staff who will be teaching your child during the school day,
is in the security of their own home. The meeting will give you and school staff
the opportunity to exchange vital information so that staff can begin to plan a
personalised learning programme for your child right from the start.
 Stay and Play. You and your child are invited to spend some time together in
the Nursery setting. The time spent gradually increases until your child is confident enough to stay and play without you. Stay and Play helps children to settle
successfully and helps you gain an insight into your child’s day at school. Some
children settle very quickly and others take a little longer – please be patient as
your child’s happiness and confidence are paramount.
 A Staggered Start. – The first week in Reception class
First Day 8.50 - 12.00pm
Second Day 8.50 - 12.00pm
Third Day 8.50 - 1.05pm
Fourth Day 8.50 - 1.05pm
Fifth Day 8.50 - 3.20pm
Children then attend as normal unless they have any particular needs settling in, in
which case special arrangements will be made as required.
Admissions other than Nursery or Reception
Parents wishing to transfer their child from another school to Parkside Primary School
need to apply for a place via the Local Authority.
The Contact details are:-
School Admissions Service – Postal Address only
Waltham Forest Town Hall
Forest Road
E17 4JF
Phone: 020 8496 3000
School Admissions – Information and Advice Service
Sycamore House Town Hall Complex
Forest Road