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Science Day 2020

Remember this date. Tuesday 18th June. It is our Science Day. Everyone is so excited.
On March 12th 2018 we had a special assembly to celebrate Mad Science Day. All children were fascinated by the experiments and can't wait to learn more.
On November 9th 2017 we had such an exciting day. We investigated, predicted and experimented. It was such an interesting and fun way to learn.

Science Club trip to OrganicLea in Chingford.


The science club had an interesting afternoon on July 13th, where they learnt many important facts about biodiversity and substainabily.


Some information from the company:


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Our scheme is incredibly local – much of the produce comes from Organiclea’s growing site in Chingford. Regularly, we are supplied by our “Cropshare” scheme of local gardeners and allotment holders who supply their surplus – from lettuces picked that morning from an allotment in Leyton, or plums from a Walthamstow garden. And the rest? It comes directly from small-scale organic farmers in East Anglia, Kent and their cooperative partners in Europe: and we tell you every week the exact origin of your produce.

The majority of produce is harvested and packed into your bags within 24 hours, we find this improves flavour and that produce stays fresh longer.

Science Fair at Chingford Foundation

On Monday July 3rd our y5 children visited a science fair at Chingford Foundation. Their y9 and sixth form ambassadors shared lots of scientific knowledge on electricity, human body and looked at finger prints, bones how the heart works. They all had a lot of fun while they were learning so much.

Science Day

On Friday 20th May, the children took part in our annual Science Challenge Day. We began the day with an exciting assembly, where science boffins Angela and Tanya demonstrated some clever science experiments. The school also received a very special visit from the Mayor of Waltham Forest. Throughout the day all the children took part in lots of different workshops including making slime, ice cream and building spaghetti and marshmallow towers! A fantastic day was had by all! We can’t wait until Science Day 2017!

“It was the best day ever!” Year 2 Pupil

“I really enjoyed making the rockets!” Year 3 Pupil

“My favourite bit was making the slime!” Year 5 Pupil

“I would like to be a scientist!” Year 4 Pupil

Year 4 Classes had five chrysalises a few days later they turned into butterflies.
As part of the Science National Curriculum, the children in Years 2, 4 and 5 attended a workshop hosted by a company called ‘Wild Science’ to learn about the life cycles of living things and their habitats. The company brought in a Leopard Gecko, a White Tree Frog, a Corn Snake, a hairless rat and a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula. The children loved holding the animals and learnt lots of new interesting facts about the animals!